Summer is just around the corner which means baby shower season is upon us, and Mother’s Day is just a couple days away. It can be hard to find that perfect gift for a new mother or mother-to-be without getting her the cliche box of diapers and a huge bag of baby clothes. To stand out from the other pink and blue paper wrapping, you need to get her something that is useful and something she probably hasn’t gotten multiple of.

The other dilemma can be how personal does the gift have to be? And that depends on how well you know the mother – is she just an acquaintance at work that you feel obliged to get a gift for or is it your best friend having her first baby? Posh Mommy on Kensington Road is the perfect place to head to when you’re looking for the right gift. While I was in the store (it’s big, give yourself lots of time) the owner Nicole, directed me towards the best gifts for the different women in my life.

For a Colleague

You work with her, but you wouldn’t say she’s one of your good friends but you still want to get her a gift to congratulate her on her baby announcement. Posh Mommy has a variety of gifts to choose from that are truly thoughtful and useful but that aren’t overly personal if you don’t know the details of her pregnancy.

The C’est Moi Bamboo Tank will work for any mom at any stage of her pregnancy. The one size fits all tank stretches to fit any belly, or can be worn as a post-partum tank top to cover up if she is feeling uncomfortable with her body. It’s easy to wash and it always goes back into its original shape and size. The texture was so soft and stretchy, I almost took one home for myself. It comes in a bunch of different colours to make every mother happy (or to own it in all the colours).

The Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow is made right here in Calgary (always #supportlocal) and is a great option for every mom. It is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyfill and comes with a removable and washable nursing pillow pillowcase in a large selection of colors and fabrics. 

Another great choice is a nice pair of pajamas. If she is having people stay at her house to help with the baby or she doesn’t want to feel like a slob in sweat pants and a t-shirt, these pajamas are comfortable but still look put together. This set comes with a top, bottom and robe to throw on when she wants to feel good about herself while still in her house AND it is stretchy to accommodate nursing. 

For a Relative

If you’re looking for someone you know a little better and for longer, it’s nice to have a more personal option that will stand out in their set of gifts. These gifts are perfect add-ons to a basket or to show that you’ve actually thought of them. 

The NoseFrida is one of those gifts that isn’t that sexy but very practical. Every baby will have a stuffed nose at some point, so help her be prepared. It’s also an easy and quick way to clear the baby’s airways before feeding to make sure they can breathe properly. 

The Buzz B Nail Trimmer is another product that comes in handy but might not be something the new mama buys. Instead of using nail clippers the Nail Trimmer gently files the nails down so you don’t have to worry about clipping their skin. The kit comes with different pads to use as they get older and their nails get stronger; you can use the tool up until they are a toddler. 

Who doesn’t want a chic diaper carrier? The Elari Diaper Wallet is perfect when you are switching bags or don’t want to bring your whole diaper bag with you. It has a changing pad in it and pockets for a few diapers, creams and you can even fit your phone in there. Posh Mommy has a couple left, but will be getting in the Summer colours soon.

The Baby Leaf is super cool, I have that one on my list for when I have a baby. The fabric has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which means there are no harsh dyes coming in contact with baby’s skin. It’s shown here as a poncho but it can be used in six different ways: car seat cover, nursing cover, scarf, carrier cover, swing or cart cover and of course a poncho. It comes in cute colours and patterns and is locally made.

For a Best Friend

You probably knew she was having a baby before anyone else and so you can help her with gifts that no one but a really close friend would give her. There are lots of products that seem to intimate to give as a gift but it’s much better to give something useful that she wouldn’t go out and buy herself. 

The Original Spout Baby Wash and Cream set is perfect to add on to your gift. Most mothers want to try out different products on their baby to see what will not irritate their sensitive skin. What’s great about Original Sprout is everyone in the family can use it, making it easy if you all are sharing a bathroom. Plus it comes with a hair comb perfect for cradle cap or lice later on.

One of the most useful gifts to give an expecting mama or soon to be is a hands-free breast pump bra. The picture on the box looks a little bizarre, you might not wear it in the office, but it comes in handy when you don’t have time to have both of your hands occupied – your baby might start crying, or you have emails to answer on your phone. This way you don’t have to be tied up when pumping. 

If your girlfriend is in need of new tops, Posh Mommy carries a great variety of tank tops that make nursing easy. If you know what size she is, it will be easy to pick out what kind of top is right for her. Does she want the extra cinching on the side, or just a simple white tank with nursing capabilities? She can never have too many tank tops. 

The Preggie Pop Drops and  Bellaband are perfect if you just found out she’s pregnant. In the early stages helping with the nausea and slightly tight pants will make her life easier. The Bellaband can be worn to keep unbuttoned pants up, and it will just look like she’s layering a tank top.

Posh Mommy is the perfect stop before Mother’s Day or heading to a summer baby shower. Whether she is expecting or just had her baby, you can put together the perfect gift. Stop by the store on Kensington Road, order from their website and follow along on Facebook

**MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL** Get 30% in-store if you mention you read my blog post or say the code MOMDAY. Use the same code online to get 30% off your whole purchase.

xx Ray  

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