The first official day of summer was a few days ago and all you sun lovers and sun tan chasers, like me, can all rejoice for our favourite season of the year. We no longer have to talk about how we’re working for our summer bod, summer is here and if you got it, you got it and if you don’t well, don’t beat yourself up over it. However, just because the mission is over, doesn’t mean you can drop all your fitness routines for those patio afternoons (even though it’s tempting). The key to maintaining your fitness routine during the summer is staying consistent, making it quick and trying to have a little self-control when it comes to the glasses of sangria. 

This would be a super simple post if I just said to take your workout outside and run. I hate running, I would never suggest that – just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to take up running. What it does mean is keeping your health and fitness top of mind when planning out your days and weekends. Grab your favourite workout gear (maybe from Under Armour 😉 ), a few healthy snacks and your fitness squad and follow these tips for maintaining (or finding) that summer bod:

  1. Hit up classes in the early AM. The sun rises early, so there is no reason you can’t too. When you get up and get to that 6 AM spin, boxing, boot camp, or CrossFit class you may think you’re going to die, but I promise you, you won’t. Not only will you not die, you will actually feel great and energized to take on the day. Get your workout out of the way first thing in the morning so you can take advantage of the summer rays after work. 
  2. Pick high-intensity workouts. If you don’t want to waste your time inside for your usual hour and a half gym sesh, then amp up your workout and make it intense for 45 minutes. No one said you had to workout for hours, you just have to get your sweat on. Whether that’s sprinting on the treadmill, powering through a HIIT workout or not taking as long of breaks in between your normal workout. Get in, get out and get on to the patio.
  3. Head outside. You can run if you want, good on ya, but there are other options. Head out to the mountains for a hike, take your bike down to the river, play a game of one-on-one basketball with your partner or friends. Plus, maybe you’ll get a little tan while you’re at it.
  4. Eat clean, eat often. There will be plenty of barbecues, weddings and parties that will have loads of delicious, bad for you, junk. All those bowls of chips, pasta salad, and hot dogs may be calling your name, but think about your bod and choose the healthier options. Whether that’s just a burger with no bun, or opting for the homemade garden salad instead, choose the freshest and greenest looking option. Also, eat your regular 5-6 (or 3 big meals, whatever you do) just like you would during the rest of the months. This way you won’t show up to those barbecues and parties starving and ready to binge on the first frozen hamburger you see. 
  5. Hold off on the champagne. Summer time is filled with sangria, beer, patio cocktails and champagne – it just seems like the right time to always be sipping on a summer drink. I’m not saying you always need to pass up on that cold, Corona-commercial beer, but some days choosing lemon water over the alcohol is the healthier choice. Plus you’ll feel a lot better the next day. 
  6. Get in your zzz’s. When your weekends are full and your weeknights are spent in friend’s backyards or after-work patios, there isn’t a lot of time left for sleep. But your body will NOT be happy with you if you neglect that time to rest, refresh and relax. 

I’m wearing the newest Under Amour Threadborne collection. I’m absolutely obsessed – the runners are perfect for the gym and boxing classes, and the white sweater is thin and light, perfect for warming up in spin. The Threadborne collection is made out of the most comfortable, next-gen performance fabrics and I could feel the difference when I switched up my regular workout gear for the new pieces. 

UA Threadborne SlingflexUA Threadborne Train 
UA Threadborne Seamless Heathered  | Armourâ„¢ Shape Mid Impact 
UA Undeniable Sackpack

Photos by Thana Boonlert | Check out his Instagram  

xx Ray  

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