There are lots of articles and blog posts about how to stay healthy during Stampede, but what’s the point of Stampede if not to eat and drink enough calories to last you the rest of the year? The only reason we put up with the hoards of people and expensive prices is to eat and drink to our heart’s content. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being healthy but life is a balance and Stampede happens to be the balance to my chicken & broccoli dinners. Go to a few extra spin classes and live a little.

So while everyone else is trying to keep things healthy, I went out and tried as many foods as I could within one day just to see what all the hype is about the new Midway foods. Let’s just say I started getting an endless stream of texts if I had actually eaten all the food that I was putting up on my Instagram stories. The more dramatic answer is yes, the real answer is there were four of us making our way through the food.

So what’s good? What’s not? Let me give you a little foodie guide into the Midway.

Cookie Dough-Ne. YES

Cookie dough in a cone with pink cotton candy circling it. Need I say any more? This treat comes from the Cookie Dough YYC food truck, also famously known for their mini donut popsicle and unicorn cookie dough. I’ve had the latter and it was too sweet for me, but the Cookie Dough-Ne greatly surpasses anything else I’ve had from them so far, and I highly recommend it for any of you sweet-tooth sugar addicts out there like myself.

Blueberry Basil Lemonade. YES

This will be the most healthy thing you consume while at or near the ground, guaranteed. They freshly press the fruit with a cool little compressor, mix it with the lemonade and ice and there you go. Plus, with this heat, you will need that extra, fresh boost.

Bear Balls. YES

There is no way you can go wrong with deep fried dough sprinkled with all your favourite toppings. Just to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything, we tried a sweet and savoury option. We had the Stampede Bear Balls which comes with cotton candy, cream cheese glaze, Nerds and whipped cream. Yes, there’s a lot of sugar but damn it tastes good. If you’re looking for more of a savoury taste, the Butter Chicken Bear Balls are equally as good, surprisingly. You still get the deep fried dough but topped with your favourite Indian spices.

Chili Lime Popcorn Shrimp Perogies. NO

Only because I don’t really like shrimp, I would pass this one up for something better. It’s not that it wasn’t delicious, perogies always are, but perogies and shrimp can be found at home.
Food Stand: International Perogies

Mini Donut Chata. NO

It might look like a dessert, but it’s actually coconut juice with caramel sauce. Okay, the sauce makes it a dessert, especially when you add the frozen mini donut popsicle on top, but the actual whole drink itself is just juice. It is quite tasty, but it’s a little heavy for the heat I would rather just have the mini donut popsicle and the lemonade.
Food Truck: Family Squeezed

Deep Fried Bacon Pickle Ball. YES

This is the winner of the day. Corn dogs are my favourite food, and when you add in a pickle and bacon…man, you’ve got me. This would qualify as not-good-for-you but this is what I come to Stampede for. 100% get this over a normal corn dog.
Food Stand: Hand Dipped Corndogs

Deep Fried Porkbelly. NO

I’m not into pork belly when it’s prepared in a fancy restaurant so I can’t say I was over-thrilled with the deep fried version. It does come with a delicious mustard though that is worth trying, I would stick to the deep fried Oreos instead.

Mr. Crab. NO

I will be honest, I didn’t actually try this one myself. Crab isn’t my go-to food, and this one is a full crab that’s been deep fried. The girl that I was with said it was a little greasy and couldn’t make it past one leg of the crab. It comes with rice and fresh pieces of crab.
Food Truck: Happy Fish

Cereal Monster Sandwich. YES

This could easily be made a home, but it’s readily available at the Stampede, so give it a go. It’s called a monster sandwich for a reason, it took all four of us to eat it. You get to pick your ice cream flavour to go between two massive Rice Krispie circles, that are actually made out of Trix cereal. So so good.
Food Truck: Monster Ice Cream

That’s it my friends, yes we ate all of that and yes we did it in less than three hours. It is the best way to get a real feel of the Midway – lots of food, unbelievable crowds, and sweating like you’ve never sweat before in your cowboy boots. Sounds like fun, right?

What is your favourite Midway food?

Photos by myself & Jenna Matthews | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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