If you haven’t noticed by now, this summer’s obsession is vintage shorts. I bought two pairs from Joyce’s Closet and that’s all I have been wearing all summer – one pair of Levis and one pair of Wranglers; what else do you even need?

These shorts used to be full jeans but have been altered to be a good ole’ pair of daisy dukes – and with the summer we’ve been having, you can never have too many pairs of shorts. They have done me good all summer, I wear them on a daily basis to do my errands and work from coffee shops, I wore them out during Stampede, and have even taken them on my weekend mountain adventures. You can keep them casual with a t-shirt or baggy tank top, or dress them up a bit with a cute blouse. They are also great to wear with a bikini top if the weather is extra hot – the high waist keeps everything looking slim 😉

In this outfit, I paired the black Wranglers with a thin long sleeve shirt and a big tote. A classic, every day look for me – it’s simple, comfy and doesn’t show an excessive amount of skin. I have a tank top underneath just in case I end up on a patio or out in the sun – a high possibility, but in Calgary you can never go wrong with bringing along a warmer top just in case.

Joyce sells her vintage shorts for $45-55 – a lot less than similar pairs at Aritzia or Levi’s, hence why I own a couple pairs. You can’t go wrong with stocking up your shorts collection, so snag a pair before she’s all sold out.

WRANGLER Vintage Shorts | OAK & FORT Long Sleeve 

Photos by Jenna Matthews | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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