I saw this quote recently “Summer should get a speeding ticket” and I thought that nailed it for how fast this summer is going by. The worst reminder is getting up for 6 am spin and it’s still dark out now, its hard to hold onto that daylight now. BUT it’s not over and I’m still getting plenty of time to work on my tan with the weather being as good as it is. 

In Calgary you just never know when the seasons are really going to switch and you always have to be prepared by keeping all your clothes in your closet at all times including big sweater, shorts, tanks and scarves. So when you come across pieces that can easily transition between seasons you know you have to buy them ASAP.

I popped into a new boutique in the Core, Think Stunning and fell in love instantly with this vegan leather backpack – a perfect accessory for the summer but it will also look chic will my fall wardrobe. It also is big enough to fit my little MacBook which is key to any bag that I carry around. The colour is neutral and will go with any fall or summer colours (she also carries a grey and black version). 

The watch was another accessory that I knew I needed to have and that can be worn at any time in the year. The elephant is a fun graphic yet still looks elegant on the black, white and gold watch. You can wear it with a blazer to work or more casually with a blouse and it will complement any style. 

When I was chatting with the woman from Think Stunning, she expressed her desire to bring in brands and pieces that were fashionable yet affordable, and I appreciate that as someone who isn’t interested in investing in a $2,000 purse that I might not like in a year. She carries all sorts of cute things from jewelry to bags to clothing, there is something in the store for everyone. It’s located on the 3rd floor in the Core downtown, so make sure you stop by to check it out next time you’re in the area!

Photos by Jenna Matthews | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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