SUMMER IS NOT OVER. Don’t think for one second that I’ve already replaced my shorts for blanket scarves, but September is just around the corner and that means its time to get back into “real life” and out of our summer habits – like taking Friday noons off to get a tan, spending all weekend camping or lounging on a patio for hours at a time.

Whether you’re in school or not, the start of September always signals a fresh start and a time to kick your summer hangover to the curb. Plus, it’s the perfect time to justify buying a new outfit, like this gorgeous Seafolly set.

What you also get back in September is a routine – summer is much more relaxed and full of last minute plans, but going into the Fall you can rely on a steadier schedule. For me, that means I can really get back into fitness and eating properly without worrying about drinking too much beer on the weekend. So how can you jump right back into your fitness routine without dreading the gym? 

How to cure your summer hangover
  1. Set your goals. What do you want to achieve, in the next week, month, year? Before you even get started, it’s easier when you have a goal in mind so you don’t get overwhelmed with where you might be starting from again.
  2. Sign up for a new fitness class; Something you’ve never tried before to switch things up. Don’t be intimidated by a studio or type of class, they all will help you feel comfortable with the workout and how the class works. Need ideas? Have you tried Lagree, Boxing, OrangeTheory, Spin?
  3. Get a pass to your favourite studio or gym. This is your go-to workout – whether it’s  hot yoga pass, a gym membership or a pass to a multi-class fitness studio, it needs to be something that you’ll be able to get a good workout on a consistent basis. For me that’s a gym membership and an unlimited spin pass  – weights + cardio, what more do you need?
  4. Fill your fridge with healthy foods. Don’t jump into a diet or cut out all carbs, it won’t stick and you’ll hate your life. Ease into a healthier lifestyle by adding more greens and protein to your meals.
  5. Drink more water. This is a no brainer, you’ve been drinking beer instead of water all summer so get that H2O in ya. 
  6. Buy a new outfit. There is nothing more motivating than getting to try out a new fitness outfit. I wanted to try something new so I switched things up with this Seafolly sports bra + tights set in a colour that makes me think of summer. 

I’m obsessed with this Tropical Vacay pattern – it’s so bright and bold, much more different than what I’m usually wearing. The sports bra has a high neck and cool straps – the coverage and support are perfect for spin, and I would totally wear it with just regular shorts or a high waisted skirt during the summer. The tights are thin enough to stay cool but thick enough to not be see-through when squatting. If you’ve tried Seafolly’s swimsuits (also amazing) then you need to try out their fitness line. 

SEAFOLLY Tropical Vacay Set | NIKE Roshe

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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