If you haven’t heard, the NFL is back this weekend…maybe you’re super pumped on football and you’re already wearing your team’s jersey. I, on the other hand, am questioning why I decided to get cable again right before the season started. what this means for girlfriends and wives everywhere as we sit down to watch the Seahawks vs the Packers:

  • No longer is Sunday spent in the outdoors, it will happen on the couch…all day #sundayfunday
  • Dinner conversation will be about who won and lost last weekend, and who will win and lose this weekend.
  • Are you with him or against him? You’ve got to commit to cheering for your man’s team or cheering against them, whatever you think will be more fun.
  • Realizing that it is not only Sunday night football but Thursday AND Monday as well, and possibly a Friday here and there; not to mention college football on top of that.
  • Office conversations about everyone’s fantasy team, which is almost more important than the actual teams in real life.
  • Having to order a beer; cocktails are usually not appropriate for game time beverages and unless it’s your fridge, there is only one drink available. 
  • Waiting impatiently to know who is the Superbowl half time show–obviously, that’s the only reason to watch.
  • Listening to people rant about how much they love or despise Tom Brady.
  • And finally counting down the days until the season is over…just in time for baseball season.

I’m complaining, I do actually enjoy watching a game from time to time. Plus, I’m headed to a Dallas Cowboys game in two weeks and I’m pretty stoked for that. Who do you cheer for?

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Photos by Chris Friesen 

xx Ray  

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