I have recently connected with Amy Scraggs in Calgary who has started a movement for self-love, the YYCSelfLoveClub. It’s about loving yourself for who you are and not being obsessed with having abs or looking like all the girls on Instagram. It’s about taking time to appreciate who you have in your life, what you have to be thankful for, and knowing that you’re doing you best. We are coming together to collaborate on fitness videos, relationships with food and general self-love. I’ve decided to start a series on my blog as well to promote ways that I take time for myself and preserve my self-confidence and self-love.

When I think of self-love the first thing that comes to mind is spending time at the spa – something that is not an everyday activity and is justifiable by #treatyoself. If I could have a massage every day I would be in heaven. They are relaxing, calming and you just feel so good after. Plus they’re good for your muscles, posture and blood circulation.

Usually, the problem is that spa treatments can be fairly pricey which makes them a special occasion treat – a birthday gift, celebratory event or when you really, really need to take time for yourself. But if you think about it you spend money on lots of things that are unnecessary about probably don’t make you feel better like another expensive pair of shoes, or Starbucks twice a day. Put aside some of that cash and treat yourself to something your body and soul needs – some self-love and a massage.

I recently booked myself in for a 90 Minute Rhythmic Hot Stone Massage at The Spa Ritual and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I get to spend two hours relaxing and away from my phone, my back and neck thanked me for giving them some love after sitting at a computer every day all day. A traditional Southeast Asian therapy, the soothing heat from warm basalt stones draws tension and stress from muscles while improving circulation. If you’ve never had a massage with stones, you need to book yourself in ASAP. It’s a much different experience than a regular massage.

The Spa Ritual is located in Crowfoot which means it’s within walking distance for me (but obvs I drove) and for those of you that think Crowfoot is out of the city, it’s worth it to make the drive out to the NW for the spa experience. When you walk in you’re led through the spa (they have cool automatic doors) into the change room when a robe and sandals are waiting for you. They have a sitting room with tea, hot stone loungers (the only ones in Canada) and sauna that you’re welcome to use before or after your treatment. It’s a green spa and even the space has been designed with environmentally friendly materials like the bamboo floors and roofs, refurbished wooden pillars and reused doors.

The massage itself was lovely, 90 minutes of hot stones had me fully relaxed and wishing that I could stay in that bed all day. What I love about going to spas over massage clinics is you’re there to relax so the massage therapists don’t feel the need to interrogate you about your day and life. After the 90 minutes, I took advantage of the sauna and soaked in the heat. I was more than sad to have to leave and go back to real life, but the rest of the day I was much more calm, productive and had an amazing sleep.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and begin or continue your journey of self-love I highly recommend booking yourself in for a treatment at The Spa Ritual.

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