I’ve made a solid effort in my life to avoid jeans at all costs. All you jean lovers out there forgive me or stop reading this blog. For the last five years (once I realized you can actually wear whatever you want) I have basically stopped wearing jeans altogether – I’ll go through phases when I realize that adults wear jeans but usually that lasts for a couple months and I’m back in comfier pants.

I recently realized that I’m in my mid-twenties (WTF) and it’s becoming less and less acceptable to look likea university student during exams. Don’t get me wrong, I have my share of nice clothes, most noteably my corporate wardrobe that I accumulated while working too close to the Core and shopping on lunch breaks. But now that I don’t have an office job, there is less pressure to wear dress pants or stiff pencil skirts. My dog has yet to complain about my lack of professionalism when it comes to office attire (aka my kitchen table).

Where I really fall off the bandwagon is the fault of athleisure. As much as I hate the word (it sounds like a mom who is trying too hard to be cool) I have fully embraced the look of wearing clothes that say “I just worked out” or “I’m heading to the gym” or “I just look really fit even though I just ate a whole pizza.” Either way, they are comfortable and make it more convieneint for my daily workout (or two). If you don’t wear leggings daily, I know in your head you’re saying “Rachel, tights aren’t pants, how many times do we have to tell you?” Let me tell you tights are 100% pants, especially when you don’t buy see-through ones (looking at you Lulu), but sometimes they just don’t cut it when it comes to adulting.

SO this has led me on a serious mission to find pants that are comfy, professional and adult looking while not being too stiff or corporate looking. High standards, I know. This next part is going to sound like an ad but I promise you that I actually have been to every single store multiple times and no they didn’t pay me to glorify their clothes. I’ll just say it, ARITIZA KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT, they are hands down the best store for finding trendy, comfortable and adult-wearing clothes without having to look like an old secretary. The second runner-up would be Zara when their store in Calgary is clean and doesn’t look like a hurricane went through it. I thoroughly searched through all the malls in Calgary and came to the conclusion that not only has Aritiza been killing it for so long, all their clothes go together making it impossible not to buy your whole wardrobe there (with additional pieces from Zara plus other fave stores).

I have put together my three go-to outfits (I may or may not just rotate through them all week), when I have to look like an adult and have finished working out.


Bottoms: BABATON Cohen Pant in Tuscan Olive
Top: WILFRED FREE Subah T-Shirt
Bag: MATT & NAT Jorja
Shoes: NIKE Roshe One

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her Instagram  


Bottoms: COMMUNITY Cebu Pant in Alligator
Top: H&M Sweater (similar)
Jacket: BILLABONG Bombshell Jacket
Shoes: ADIDAS Superstars
Sunglasses: DIFF Bella

Photos by Kolby Meyers | Check out her Instagram  


Pants: RW & Co Pleated Pant
Top: TOP SHOP Grey Tee
Jacket: ZARA (similar)
Shoes: ADIDAS Stan Smith (similar)

Photos by Nina | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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