Who run the world, girls.

The boss babe movement has exploded and the idea of community over competition has become a norm. It’s empowering to feel like you’re part of the girl gang and it feels just as good when you show up for your fellow girls. As we get older, we tend to gravitate towards women who lift us up, cheer us on and tell us when we need to get our shit together. 

I’ve teamed up with Jenna and Paris Jewellers to celebrate female entrepreneurship and babes supporting babes. Paris Jewellers is all about amplifying those special moments in life – whether that be an engagement, anniversary, graduation, wedding, birth or career milestone. Too often we don’t take the time to celebrate our successes and wins – both big and small – and for me, this bracelet provides me with a daily reminder of how persistence and hard work pays off and the importance of carving your own path.

We spend so much time celebrating our relationships with our significant others that sometimes we forget to celebrate our own successes and our friendships. Whether your girl squad is one person or ten, these are the women you rely on. Paris Jewellers gifted us these gorgeous bracelets to celebrate our little girl gang.

Jenna and I became friends over a year ago through Instagram when a mutual friend strongly recommended we go for coffee together. It’s easy to become friends with someone when you have the same interests and are obsessed with Instagram. Instead of seeing each other as competition, like we’ve both experienced with other girls, we’ve built ourselves a community; a place where we can help each other out and team up on opportunities. Plus, we don’t have to roll our eyes at our boyfriends as we try to get him to take the perfect Instagram photo.

Similar to how Paris Jewellers is run by two strong, talented Canadian female entrepreneurs  who are dominating the jewellery realm, Jenna and I are able to support one another in building and establishing our own voices and brands as lifestyle bloggers. We’re able to discuss new projects, new ideas and new ways of creating content to help each other grow and evolve our brands. We can develop campaigns, create the content, take the photos and really capture each other’s vision because we’ve gotten to know each other so well. We also understand the hustle when it comes to building a career for yourself so if we have to bail on a coffee date or event, we understand the need to keep working.

Whether I’m headed to brunch with my girlfriends or a work meeting with Jenna, the bracelet’s dainty heart detail is perfect to pair with any outfit and works for any occasion. The bracelets, just like any friendship bracelet, are a reminder that you always have another boss babe supporting you and wanting to see you succeed.

This gorgeous bracelet is available online or in any Paris Jewellers store. They have locations in CF Market Mall, North Hill Shopping Centre and Sunridge Mall. Follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook

xx Ray  

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