I actually don’t workout outside during the summer either BUT for those of you that usually run outside or do boot camps or whatever fit people do outside, you don’t need to give up your summer bod during the colder months. You’re not a bear, you don’t need to overstuff your face with food and cozy up on your couch for the next 6 months, your summer bod won’t be that hard to get if you don’t get lazy in the winter in the first place. Two things that are key to maintaining your winter bod: nutrition and fitness. I know, mind-blowing stuff here.

For some reason, we equate cold with hot, carb-loaded, deliciously good food but if you’re committed to your fitness and want to feel good about yourself all year long, don’t like your diet go to shit. Keeping up your regular meal plan or diet will make your workouts worthwhile. It should even be easier during the winter because you aren’t spending all afternoon on a patio with beer or at a backyard bbq every weekend. Now that you’ve got your eating under control, here are 8 ways to stay fit during the winter:

1. Get out to the mountains. This is an easy one, especially if you live in Calgary. Take advantage of living a couple hour drive away from the hill and get a full day of riding in. It’s fun, cold and exhilarating so it doesn’t even feel like a workout, but your quads will argue with that the next day.

2. Get a gym membership. If you’ve been avoiding it because you don’t want to fork over that extra cash, stop buying Starbucks and imagine what it would be like to have abs. Use the monthly fee as motivation to get your butt over there.

3. Hit up a fitness studio. Group fitness is my jam and you’ll find me at YYC Cycle, Undrcard Boxing and Lagree YYC. Those are my usual haunts but there are so many different studios around this city, you’ll be able to find the community that you like best. Plus, most places have a first-time deal so take advantage of as many first week unlimited deals as possible.

4. Try out ClassPass. If you’re into #3 but don’t want to commit to one studio, ClassPass just came to Calgary which lets you use one pass to sign up for different studios. This is a great way to mix up your routine and find studios near where you live (and it makes going to different studios cheaper). Sign up HERE.

5. Workout at home. Head over to Sport Chek and pick up a yoga mat, a few waits, resistance bands and an exercise ball and you’re good to go for the winter season. With the help of the Google, YouTube and Instagram you have unlimited access to at home workout ideas. #noexcuses

6. Add hot yoga to your routine. The ultimate way to stay warm in the winter is to subject yourself to a 75 minute hot yoga flow class. You’ll be loving the chilly weather after you’re done. Yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and take a break from HIIT workouts and heavy lifting.

7. Find a partner in crime. As you know, you’ll be more accountable when you have to bail on someone else. Guilt will get you to the gym or class and that’s all you need. Plus, working out with a friend is more fun and it will get you to try to things.

8. Buy a new outfit. Whenever there is a reason to buy new fitness gear, I’m all over it. If I can justify it as motivation, then you can guarantee I’ve already picked up a new outfit. Like this outfit from Under Armour, their new Threadborne Fleece line is perfect for working out in the winter.

The sweatpants would probably be too hot to actually workout in inside, but they are perfect for coming and going (running to and from your car). Paired with the matching bomber, it’ll be hard to convince yourself to take them off. They will also be perfect for under my snow pants and snowboard jacket when I head out to the mountains this season, they are comfy for the car ride and warm for the slopes.

UA Breathelux Mid | UA Threadborne Fleece Crop
UA Threadborne Fleece Bomber
UA Charged Legend Hypersplice Training Shoe

It’s easier said than done (as I’m sitting in the UA ssweatpants on the couch watching TV) but once you’re into a routine, it’s easy to keep going. What’s your favourite way to get your sweat on during the winter?

Photos by Mina | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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