If you’re like me and you spend too much time drinking eggnog lattes and avoiding the mall you end up in a serious panic three days before Christmas realizing you’ve only bought gifts for yourself. Goddamnit, not again. It’s not that I’m overly selfish, I just end up getting distracted by things that I would like and forget to buy things for other people. What I love about everyone and their dog writing a blog is that every year, there are hundreds of gift guides to sift through to find great gifts with little effort. It’s the lazy girl’s way of impressing my fam without actually doing any research.

TBH I wasn’t going to put a gift guide together because I see a new one every ten minutes on Instagram, but then I thought well why not? What if I have a cool idea that someone can use for their friends. Some of them will make great stocking stuffers, some of them will fit under the tree. Don’t get too excited, but I do think I like pretty cool stuff and I have some pretty cool friends that sell awesome shit. So without further ado, here is your 2017 Gift Guide brought to you by Frankly Ray. P.S. this is really just a things that I would want but since you read my blog we probably have a lot in common so…

XX BALM for your Calgary-is-so-damn-dry lips. Buy the four pack, that way you can give the gift of all four flavours and not have to worry about choosing the wrong one. I actually use these lip balms on a daily basis and let me tell you they’re da balm (ha, get it?). Use code FAMOUSXX for 15% off. SHOP HERE.

WHISKEY WEEKEND Baby Girl Hoodie. An easy pick for any female in your life. You can never have too many hoodies, for real. If you’ve ever seen me in public, I was probs wearing this hoodie – it’s comfy, classic and cute. SHOP HERE.

BRONZE BAXX Cryo Therapy. Give the gift of freezing your ass off. No, but for real, cryo is the shit and makes your body feel like magic. If you have a bestie that likes to workout, complains about sore muscle or joints or wants a boost of energy, pick them up a Baxx gift card and send them on over to the cryo chamber. SHOP HERE. (actually you have to pop into a location to pick up a gift card, but this link will get you to the locations.

LOCAL LAUNDRY is a local classic, so share the love with The Giving Toque. For every 100% Made In Canada toque that they sell, they will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada. Sounds pretty cool right? Guilt free shopping coming at ya. SHOP HERE. Use code ALMOSTFAMOUS15 for 15% off the entire store.

NOURISH SWEAT SOUL’s KALEGARY shirt for all your kale loving friends. LB is a rad chick and I adore her clothing brand. All her pieces are ethically and sustainably made, working to make this world a better place. If your fam likes comfy shirts, pineapples or kale, you need to get them an NSS piece. SHOP HERE.

DIFF SUNGLASSES have become my all time favourite sunnies, plus they’re a charitable purchase. For every pair that is bought, a pair is donated to someone in need. They just came out with a Khloe Kardashian collab and I’m in love. SHOP HERE.
Canada Goose Scarf

ALL TWERK AND NO PRAY You’re the PineAPPLE of my Eye – yeah, yeah we live in Calgary and it’s minus 30 but maybe your bestie is headed to Hawaii, maybe you’re planning a trip to Mexico, maybe this bathing suit is the greatest thing you could order on the internet.  SHOP HERE.

HERITAGE ROASTING CO because who doesn’t love coffee. CHR is built by the wilderness that drives it and it tastes damn good. If you’re wondering what the Alberta mountains and wilderness adventures tastes like, well, it sounds pretty obvious to me. SHOP HERE.

SHEILA KERNAN ART. If you have a friend who recently moved into a new home, why not help them decorate it with a local artist. Fun, colourful and your favourite scenes, there is a piece for everyone in her collection. SHOP HERE.

I actually had a million more things in my head but realized no one has to buy a million presents so we’ll leave it at that. If you didn’t notice, basically anything that is local and/or gives back is the right gift to give. If you’re reading this because you have to buy me a gift, any of the above will do 😉

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

xx Ray  

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