New Year. Fitness. Goals. Health. Gains. It’s all one and the same at this time of year. You can’t even think about New Year Resolutions without including some sort of get healthy goals. I’m all about resolutions and even if you think they are cliche or cheesy, setting goals is the only way to track your progress and set a plan for yourself. Whether it’s fitness goals, eating goals or changing your lifestyle, you can’t cross them off your list if you don’t even write them down. 

When I sat down to think about what my fitness resolutions are for 2018, I tried to make them a little more interesting and challenging rather than “eat healthy” and “get abs.” (I mean I still want abs but we need to be realistic here). Not that those aren’t good goals, but let’s get a little deeper and figure out what that even means. I put together three goals that cover general health and that focus more on the bigger picture than working on one specific body part.


Switch Up Fitness Classes

I was at the gym last week and I finished off my workout with 5 minutes on the rower and in those 5 minutes I thought I was going to die. 5 MINUTES. I do 50 minute spin classes and I’m fine but I couldn’t do 5 minutes of rowing. I will not be going to a full rowing class but I thought it would be good to switch up fitness workouts to work on my endurance and cardio levels in different ways. New classes will also hit different muscles groups and give me new ideas for when I’m at the gym. There are a few new studios opening up and other studios I just haven’t got to, here are some of the classes I’ll be adding to my schedule:

Crew Club Athletics – This is a rowing studio, and I know I just said I’m not into rowing but I think it would be beneficial to my health to incorporate it in. Rowing is a great full body workout and CCA offers combo classes like rowing + yoga. They just opened in December and their space is super cool on 17th ave. 

Square 1 Fitness – I recently decided I want to get into Olympic lifting with having to do CrossFit (definitely NOT on my 2018 list). I went to an Olympic lifting workshop at Square 1 last week and it was an eye opener into my lack of mobility with the lifts and how technical they are. They have classes to work on the lifts with going into CrossFit mode. They also do kickboxing which switches things up from regular boxing that I’ve been doing and it’s damn hard. 

Sprinting – not a fitness class just a really hard, sweaty mess. I used to be diligent at sprints at the end of my workouts but they’re hard so  I stopped doing them. But I want to add them back in to keep my cardio up and make my body work harder. The usual sprint routine I do is on the treadmill. 10 sprints at an incline of 8/9 and a speed of 7.5-8.0 with 15 second break in between. 

Go Easy on Myself

I’ve been asked multiple times how I work out so much but don’t have a ripped bod. If I ate chicken and broccoli for every meal then yeah, I would probably have an 8 pack but I also really like food (as if you didn’t already know that) and living a balanced life is way more important to me than being fitness model ready. But hearing people’s comments and seeing other Instagram people, I can be hard on myself when I eat out or indulge in pizza. I workout because it makes me feel good, I love the fitness community and its a stress reliever – things that I have to remind myself when I get caught up in how I look and how I feel about my body. 

Eat Enough Protein

The biggest make or break for me when it comes to fitness and how I feel about lifting is the amount of protein I eat (130 grams per day). If I consistently eat the right amount I notice results in the gym and I have more energy for my 6am spin classes. The issue is I actually don’t like meat but don’t like beans either so it can be a struggle some days to eat enough chicken or beef to hit my macros. The key is being prepared and not getting home late with nothing to eat and going for the grilled cheese instead. Steps to the goal: meal prep, buying pre-made meals from local companies and finding different ways to get enough protein. 

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