I’ve realized that I don’t really like December. I love it because its my birthday month and it’s Christmas but as the last month of the year, I’m pretty over it. Every weekend and most week nights filled up before December even had a chance to breathe, deadlines are constantly knocking at my door and I feel like I need to do all the things I said I was going to do this year before my new 2018 goals take over. January as a new month and a new year always seems like a breath of fresh air, a clean slate and the release of the built up tension from December.

Starting January 1, you can decide the kind of year you want to have, the kind of person you want to be and the feeling you have when its comes around to this time next year. New Years Resolutions may seem cliché or overdone but there is nothing more satisfying than reaching a goal you set for yourself.

I always have big plans to have daily or weekly goals, but it turns out I’m just not very good at being that on top of my own shit when I’m trying to just get through each day itself. I would much rather take 10 minutes to just relax than sit down and set more goals for myself – personal preference, you do you. But I do really find value in setting bigger goals that are either monthly or yearly. They are milestones for the year and are a good way to review your year and notice how you’re changing as a person.

Having a blog is great, not only because it gives me a platform to share my goals, it keeps me accountable to the people reading it and I hope that it provides even just a touch of inspiration for other people to do the same.

It’s really easy to jump to fitness and health when you think of New Years Resolutions, especially around Christmas it’s usually the first thing to go. With the constant push of #fitfam, being active and eating healthy is always top of mind. To change things up this year and to push myself towards other goals I’ve separated my health goals with my other life goals. (Read my 2018 fitness goals post here). I’ve also decided to include a little lessons learned section – looking back is just as important as looking forward to take what you’ve learned and mistakes you have made and apply them to your plan to keep moving forward.



I quit my “real job” in March because I was told I “wasn’t worth it” to pay more than minimum wage as a project manager working 50 hours a week. I moved into being fully self-employed and contracting out to companies that I really loved and shared the same values with. Even though its not a “normal” job and the beginning was a little financially rocky, I managed to get my shit together enough to fully be able to support myself with my own clients.


I may or may not over pack my schedule with events, tasks and coffee dates. So much so that I often found myself overwhelmed with the amount of work I wasn’t getting done, or deadlines that I had to reach. The take away here is I don’t have to say yes to everything, it’s okay to stay at home to get ahead of work things and not feel stressed.


Get over the what ifs. What if this doesn’t work out, what if I’m not good, what if, what if. There isn’t enough time in this world to be worried about the what ifs. If you’re doing what you love, working towards your goal or have an opportunity come up, just go for it – things usually will just work out.



To stay more organized and feel like I know what I’m doing, my goal is to utilize tools that are designed to make your life easier. First up, online invoicing, Instagram scheduling (think Planoly) for all my clients and actually using a day planner. The goal is to stop relying on my already-full brain to remember things.


As any self-employed person knows, there is no one around to tell you when to stop working. If you do more tonight maybe it’s less you have to do tomorrow. All my “free” time that I have, I usually use it to get more work done. Goal: set some real office hours. It’s unrealistic to never check my email on the weekends but my goal is on Sundays and after 8pm on weekdays – no phone!


There are some big purchases coming up this year including a new house that we’re building (that also needs furniture) and jaw surgery. Both are expensive and require actually saving. Plus, I have a few trips in mind that I want to take. So that means spending less money on things like drinks and clothes and more on bigger picture things.


I’ve recently starting listening to myself when I talk about what services I offer and skills that I possess. Instead of carrying around a camera saying I’m not a photographer, change the dialogue to I’m learning to become a photographer. Changing what I’m not into what I’m evolving to be.


I can’t count the times that I’ve said I want to learn to do something; learn to use photoshop, learn to take photos, learn to use Facebook ads effectively, etc. There is an endless list. With the internet, there is no excuse to not improve your skills except for not making the time for it. This year, the goal is to learn a new skill or improve an old one, once a month.

I love the beginning of the year and the fresh start that you have. A whole year to be who you want to be. Got get em.

PS. This sweater I’m wearing is from the Love for Lewiston foundation with proceeds going towards SMA research and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. Purchase yours here.

Photos by Mina | Check out her Instagram  

xx Ray  

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