Did you know that Victoria has the second highest number of restaurants per capita next to San Fran? It’s foodie heaven over here on the Island.

THE RUBY has a strong Mexican-inspired breakfast menu. We went to the Douglas St. location and the vintage 70s vibes of the hotel lobby and modern farm house look of the restaurant make an interesting vibe, but I was into it. The service was amazing, all the staff were very welcoming and friendly. The menu is big and I guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing what to eat. I had the Chorizo Benedict and it was killer. Plus, they have homemade hot sauce that adds a kick to every dish.

LA TAQUERIA is one of those places that you might just walk by on the outside, but are seriously missing out on what they’re serving inside. Nonchalant interiors are paired with the most delicious mexican food you’ve had. My mission in life is to find the best fish tacos, and this Pinche Taco Shop has made the top 5 list. Start with the guac and finish with as many tacos as you can eat. #noregrets

LITTLE JUMBO is an intimate space in the back of an apartment building on Fort Street. You might walk past the purple elephant, but that’s your loss. It’s the best cocktail bar in Victoria and has food just as worthy. They created two cocktails for us – I had a champagne based, light citrus cocktail and my mom had a refreshing gin, cucumber and elderflower libation. The food is rich with wholesome flavours. Come for the drinks, stay for the food and cool lounge atmosphere.

BODEGA BAR is a small tapas bar with an amazing wine and cocktail list. The close setting makes you feel like you’re in the coolest place in the city. If it’s nice they have a great patio out on Trounce Ally. The plates are small so I don’t recommend it for dinner, but for a drink with bites – it’s perfect.

BE LOVE boasts the most delicious organic, local, plant based cuisine that is as mouth watering as it is nourishing and energizing. Their menu is wheat, dairy, gluten, and processed sugar free. I highly recommend the Green Bowl with a Medicinal Chai Tea.

JAM CAFE is a cute little breakfast spot with character. The space is filled with antique and vintage items picked up from various places and auctions. It’s not the white, modern brunch place but it’s cozy and intimate and serves the BEST breakfast. You have to order a Lonely Piggy – a maple sausage dipped in pancake batter and fried..yeah it’s as good as it sounds.

What is your go-to restaurant in Victoria? My sister is now going to school there so I will be back and will need more places to try!

xx Ray  

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