Isn’t a vacation just filling in time between each coffee shop? When I’m in a new city, the first thing I do is look up the coffee shops. Between their Instagram, vibes and lattes you can tell a lot about a city from their cafes. Plus, they’re a great place to just sit and take in the people and community. Lucky for me, Victoria is overflowing with amazing coffee shops and of course I had to try as many as possible.

HEY HAPPY is probably one of the most popular Victoria coffee shops, but seats are limited so be prepared to take your coffee to go – you can sit in the courtyard behind the shop if you’re not into walking with coffee. The atmosphere is exactly what you want in a coffee shop – warm, community, hip yet not pretentious.

LA ROUX PATISSERIE You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Victoria and into a French bakery. The beautiful space compliments the French-inspired pastries to nostalgic treats from childhood. I have no recommendation for you because everything is delicious, but keep in mind their motto: Treat yourself, you deserve something incredibly, remarkably, unbelievably good.

DISCOVERY COFFEE on Blanshard is an Instagrammer’s dream. It’s all white with a living wall and as a bonus, the coffee is absolutely delicious. They have plenty of locations across the city, but this one is in a prime spot and has a gorgeous patio.

FOL EPI doesn’t sound like a coffee shop but you’ll be blown away by this bakery cafe. The smell of fresh bread is enough to pull you into this cute spot and the coffee and pastries will make you stay.

PURE VANILLA BAKERY & CAFE is a hidden gem near the university. This cafe has great coffee, pastries and killer sandwiches. My advice is to go there hungry so you can get lunch, a coffee and dessert. I had the sweet potato quesadilla – sounds weird, but it was so good.

What is your fave coffee shop in Victoria? Instagram worthy or not, I need to try them all.

xx Ray  

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