Rock and Reilly’s

Our entire goal for this trip was to take lots of photos and eat good food. We successfully accomplished both goals quite thoroughly. One of the places we ate at was Rock and Reilly’s near Madison Square Garden. Their tag line is “an Irish pub with personality”, which I think perfectly describes it. I explained…

Winter Getaway

I just got back from the most beautiful two day mountain escape with my boyfriend. We are so lucky to live within driving distance of the mountains but sometimes you can take it for granted – I had never been to any of the places we visited. This winter I have been doing a lot…

Oahu: Ka’ena Point

We have apparently become a hiking/adventurous family while on vacation; and by hiking I mean an occasional paved walk up a hill. No, I’m just kidding, sometimes we do real hikes. This one, however, was more like a walk. Without a paved path; a hike-walk. An off-road walk. In the middle of the day. In…


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