30 Days of Keto

In the light of New Year Resolutions, it seemed like a good time to finish off this blog post that has been sitting in my drafts since November. It might be contradictory to start it off and say I don’t believe in diets, considering Keto is definitely a diet. The reason behind trying out Keto…

Winter in Winnipeg

Two days before we left, Chris sent me an article that “Winnipeg was bracing for the coldest Christmas on record.” That’s great, just great. However, flights were already booked and there was no surprise trip to Hawaii waiting under the tree so off we went to Winterpeg. I’ve been to Winnipeg plenty of other times…

Looking Forward into 2018

I’ve realized that I don’t really like December. I love it because its my birthday month and it’s Christmas but as the last month of the year, I’m pretty over it. Every weekend and most week nights filled up before December even had a chance to breathe, deadlines are constantly knocking at my door and…


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