Army Green

Happy October my friends! I can’t believe how fast September went by…like did it even happen? As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer, now that it really is autumn, I am fully embracing it with all the pumpkin spice lattes as possible while admiring the changing leaves. And the comeback of blanket…

Those Grey Pants

Know what I hate more than jeans? Dress pants. They are equally as uncomfortable but make your butt look flat and droopy, and sometimes the pockets stick out weird. Basically I don’t like pants that aren’t the stretchy kind (I’m not obese or pregnant even though that’s what it sounds like). So my favourite non-gym…

Business to Pleasure

Now that I am back working downtown I find myself back with a busy schedule – coffee, drinks, and dinners planned after work (now that I can go for casual weekday brunches). Usually when my schedule is packed I just run around with gym clothes on and everything works out, but going out after work…


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