Business to Pleasure

Now that I am back working downtown I find myself back with a busy schedule – coffee, drinks, and dinners planned after work (now that I can go for casual weekday brunches). Usually when my schedule is packed I just run around with gym clothes on and everything works out, but going out after work…

Skirts in the Snow

Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram I really love wearing skirts to the office. They give a more feminine feel to the otherwise very masculine dress code downtown. The issue always becomes the weather, not surprisingly, which can make wearing pants seem much more desirable. But when you pair a skirt with a cozy…

Frosty Business

Photos by Allen Henry | Check out his instagram H&M Blazer| EXPRESS Cami H&M Dress Pants| VERA GOMMA Black Booties Photos by Madeline Antony | Check out her instagram Getting dressed for the office in the winter is the absolute worst; it’s warm in the house, freezing on the walk to the train, and semi-warm in the…


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