Canadian Made

The holiday season is the time to be thankful for everything you have; the people in your life, the roof over your head and the beautiful country that you live in. I’m a native Calgarian and have grown up with the mountains in my backyard, to me, that’s Canada. Even now when I’m driving, I…

Alberta Branded

I absolutely love living in Alberta, there is something about the Stampede combined with the prairies on one side and the mountains just an hour drive away. I used to want to move away (mostly to Cali), but even Vancouver was enticing or just trying out the 6 for a while. But as I settle…

Classic Winter Look

Winter in Calgary is barely winter, depending on who you ask. But there are not many “winter” cities where you may see shorts in December, patios open in March, or hipster ice cream stores with line ups all year round. That being said, I don’t ever pack away my winter jacket anymore because you never…


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