Real Life vs Insta

FYI Instagram is not real life; in case you didn’t know. Social media is a funny thing. Our lives have become built around it (if there is no photo, did it really happen?) and our generation has now become known for instant gratification. The issue now is that people (especially girls) are comparing themselves to…


Sneaker culture has really become quite the phenomenon; people lining up for hours to be the first to buy the new Jordan’s, selling and trading rare pairs, bonding with other sneakerheads over shoe collections. Its a huge community that is exponentially growing, bringing people together over the love of sneakers. It is also the reason…


It’s called the fear of missing out–you’ve heard of it and most likely experienced it. It’s the reason why people can’t put down their phones for one second without panicking. I wouldn’t call it the downfall of technology but more of the limitation it places on living in the present moment. This could sound a…


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