New Year, New Gains

New Year. Fitness. Goals. Health. Gains. It’s all one and the same at this time of year. You can’t even think about New Year Resolutions without including some sort of get healthy goals. I’m all about resolutions and even if you think they are cliche or cheesy, setting goals is the only way to track…

My Better

What motivates you? What pushes you forward? Make shit happen. Those are questions that I ask myself daily, re-evaluating my goals, choices and values on a daily basis. It might seem excessive but it’s easy to get trapped in a routine – we all have busy schedules and you can find yourself just living day…


I’ve never really been a fan of the rowing machines at the gym. I just don’t have the patience to sit there for longer than 10 minutes, so I only used them for warm up and not for cardio sessions. When I heard that a rowing-focused studio opened up on 17th Ave I was a…


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